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Chicken Escapes Farm on Back of Lorry in Real Life ‘Chicken Run’

Photo via Flickr user Chris Fleming.

Chickens everywhere, raise ye voices! No longer must you be slaves to the machine, worked to death for the greater good of the human, the pie, the nugget. No, you can be free from the cramped, metal cages of your life. Revolt, we say. Revolt!

By which we mean, follow the heroic example of Ginger, a courageous chicken who made a dash for freedom last week by hitching a ride on a Sainsbury’s distribution lorry.


According to the BBC, Ginger—named after the chicken in the Aardman Animations film Chicken Run who makes a similarly miraculous bid for freedom—was found by staff at a Sainsbury's distribution centre in Essex. It is not clear which farm Ginger came from, but she is believed to have hidden between the lorry’s cab and trailer for the entirety of the journey.

Staff at the distribution centre called the RSPCA, who took Ginger to a wildlife centre to live with other rescue chickens. An officer from the charity later told the BBC that Ginger must have “accidentally escaped" when the lorry was collecting a delivery of eggs from the farm. They added that it was “quite amazing she managed to stay put for the duration of the journey.”

Also commenting on Ginger’s great escape, a spokesperson from Sainsbury’s told MUNCHIES: “This takes ‘free range’ to a whole new level! We’re grateful to our colleagues and the RSPCA for helping our feathered friend.”

May Ginger’s fight for freedom be an inspiration to us all.