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'I'm Willing to Be Homeless': One Woman's Journey to Become a Ballroom Legend

Watch the cast of "My House" open up about the struggles they overcame to become ballroom stars.

In this week’s sneak peek of MY HOUSE, we venture to a photography studio where Lolita directs a shoot for her designer eyewear line, Feline Frames. Lolita calls on her closest friends to participate, including her boyfriend Sydne, who details their 10-year relationship and describes his partner as a woman who’s always been ambitious and steadfast in the face of adversity.

After quitting her job and moving to New York on an impulse, Lolita has seen just how brutal the concrete jungle can be—but she refuses to look back. With the support of her high school sweetheart, the entrepreneur has overcome being jobless and homeless, at one point living out of her car. Finally, Lolita is seeing the rewards from taking a leap of faith.

Tati—still on a high from her premiere walk at New York Fashion Week—also offers her support to Lolita at the shoot. The two open up to each other about times when their dreams seemed impossible, and ruminate on staying humble when they finally feel like the doors are opening.

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