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London Cafe Happily Ruins Our Day by Serving Cereal in an Avocado Carcass

Troll move... or just the actual worst thing ever?
Ian Burke
Brooklyn, US
Photo via @CerealKillerUK 

In what’s either a tongue-in-cheek troll of the internet’s avocado hysteria or the latest of many attempts to appease the vegan mob, London’s Cereal Killer Cafe announced on Twitter Friday they’re now selling all their vegan cereal out of avocado shell bowls.

Avocados have quickly become the WD-40 of food—a sort of cure-all for all things culinary. Bored with your overpriced lattes? Pour them into avocado carcasses. Bland toast giving you nightmares? Create an entire culture surrounding avocado toast. Vegan cereal just not, well, vegan enough? Serve it in an avocado shell.


Of course avocados are a thing—they should be! They’re delicious, full of healthy fats, and go with pretty much everything. But, c’mon, cereal? It’s a stretch. The cafe claims that using avocado shells as bowls will cut their water usage, but that seems a little sketchy to me. Like, are they washing these avocado skins before they pour, or are we having cereal with green milk? And if they do wash out the avocado shells, wouldn’t that require the same, or even more water than washing a bowl? (Because I seriously doubt avocado shells are dishwasher-friendly.)

Twitter had a few things to say about Cereal Killer Cafe’s vegan dishware:

It’s probably a joke. It has to be a joke, right? A viral, public-relations-win-for-the-ages troll that will probably help Cereal Killer Cafe keep selling its expensive bowls of cereal to Londoners for a pricy £3.50 ($4.70 USD) per large bowl. We can only hope.