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Nick Young Wants to Legalize Cocaine

The Golden State Warrior was asked about weed legalization in Canada, and decided to up the ante: "Everybody needs to do cocaine."
Photo by Kelley L Cox—USA TODAY Sports

The Swag Champ might need to dial back his Championship bender just a liiiiitle bit. TMZ Sports caught up with Nick Young outside of 1 OAK in Los Angeles, and the man had some interesting thoughts on legalized weed.

TMZ Sports started talking with Nick Young about how Canada became the first country to fully legalize weed, and Young wants to do one better: legalized coke.

Nick Young decided to double down on how nice it is that they're smoking maple leafs up north. "I want people to pass cocaine [legalization legislation]," Young said slyly as he stepped into a vehicle. "Everybody needs to do cocaine."

You know, it's hard to tell if he's advocating for legalization of cocaine for himself, to stop mass incarceration, or for the people. But there are certainly arguments for legalization all around. Added regulation, safety in moderation, medicinal uses. Heck, coca leaves are used in Colombia to cure altitude sickness.

I'm sure Swag Champ would have elucidated on this were he given the chance. Party safe, y'all.