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Nando’s Refuses to Be Part of Tory Party Discount Card

Chicken for the many, not the few.
Photo via Flickr user Daniel Lee

It can be hard to get young people to join a political party, especially one that has increased youth unemployment, trapped a generation in an unregulated private renting cycle, and left those aged 15 to 35 with a lower standard of living than their parents. (Cough, the Tories, cough). It’s just so darn hard to know what the youth of today want, you know?

In another blow to the Conservatives, Nando’s—the chicken restaurant of the proletariat—has refused to be part of a new discount card scheme offered to members of the party. Raise your chicken thighs in celebration, douse yourself with Peri-Peri sauce, and honour the comrades at Nando’s for remaining cheeky (and socialist!) as heck.


According to iNews, the Conservative party, which currently boasts a rapidly dying number of members (literally), is considering launching a discount card in order to appeal to a younger demographic. With only 125,000 members as of January 2018 (compared to Labour’s 552,000 members), the Tories hope the £25 membership card will pull new recruits by offering discounts on food and clothes. It was described as “a very real possibility” by a source in The Times last week.

However, chicken restaurant Nando’s has denied that it will have any part in the proposed membership drive. In a statement to MUNCHIES, a Nando’s spokesperson said: “Nando’s has no political affiliations as a brand and no political discount card exists.” They did, however, point out that they offer “a 20 percent discount to police, fire services, ambulance service, and NHS staff.”

This isn’t the Tories’ first, slightly desperate attempt to draw younger members into the party. In August 2017, to combat the success of Labour’s 35,000-member grassroots group Momentum, Conservative campaigners launched Activate, hoping to attract “the youth” with memes, a membership cost of up to £500, and all that other “cool” and “hip” stuff. Suffice to say, it bombed.

Maybe the Tories should try Wetherspoons next time?