William Shatner Can’t Stop Shitposting at ‘Social Justice Warriors’
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William Shatner Can’t Stop Shitposting at ‘Social Justice Warriors’

To boldly go where many bros have gone before.

Well, it seems like the Shat has been shit-posting.

On Sunday, William Shatner set his phaser to annoy and took aim at "social justice warriors," drawing the ire of some in the online world for a barrage of tweets.

"Why is it that SJWs think they can align themselves with those that demanded social reform in the 60's?" he asked on Twitter Sunday night. "SJWs stand for inequality, where they are superior to any one else hence my use of Misandry and Snowflake," read another tweet.


This, in all honesty, isn't the first time the Canadian Star Trek star has gone off on people like this—as he put it on Reddit once, he's been "shat-stirring for a while." Shatner is even getting hell from some of his fellow sci-fi and fantasy actors. Orlando Jones quote tweeted one of Shatner's anti-SJW tweets and called him a "snowflake."

"Live long & accuse powerless ppl of being superior as they continue the fight for human rights," reads the rest of Jones' the tweet.

Other Twitter users went after the actor and called him a misogynist and bigot to which Shatner spent an evening responding to in a, shall we say, prickly way:

One of the weirder things about Shatner is even though he's an octogenarian, he's as fluent in the online world as most millennials—the man loves Reddit and has even flirted with 4chan. He even uses emojis somewhat correctly.

On Reddit, the majority of the Shat's post exist in the subreddit dedicated to, well, him. For quite a while—other than brief excursions to Star Wars or Star Trek fan pages, a weird pseudo-feud with Supernatural actor Misha Collins, and posting a ton of now private videos to the wine subreddit—Shatner's activities were pretty regular on the page.

He's been a redditor for about four years and—for lack of a better term—has been a red-pilled for a little while. The 86-year-old actor said that he thought about dipping a toe in the ocean of piss that is 4chan before deciding on Reddit (although he did tweet about going to 4chan's My Little Pony channel in early June.)


"So for all the 4chan questions yes, I was there: yes I posted," he tweeted in 2013. "I was deciding whether to go there or Reddit. Reddit won out"

While Shatner has, over the years, stated repeatedly that he doesn't like talking about his politics, this isn't his first flirtation with the vernacular of the online far-right. Shortly after US election, the Shat went off on people that were upset at Trump's victory and threatening to leave.

"You poor precious snowflake; you didn't get your way so everyone needs to run around like chicken little?" he tweeted.

Earlier in the year he mildly turned his eye towards feminism by saying "feminism is great but terms like toxic masculinity are degrading."

A few Trek fans have taken particular anger to Shatner movement into this direction because of the progressive nature of Star Trek—Shatner even had the first interracial kiss on television. One writer from Salon even went as far as asking if his "attack on "SJWs" erase[d] his "Star Trek" legacy?"

Whether that's true or not, he's definitely violated the Prime Directive of Twitter, beamed down a bad opinion, set his mouth to warp speed or a whole bunch of other cliches I could use to end this article.

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