Let's Pop Bottles with 2007 Radio Lil Wayne

Plus, let's talk about Jadakiss's cameo as the coach of Lil Wayne’s championship-winning basketball team.
July 10, 2017, 10:33pm
Screenshot via YouTube

Day 292: "Pop Bottles" feat. Lil Wayne – Birdman, 5 * Stunna, 2007

It's hard to overstate how ubiquitous Lil Wayne was on rap radio in 2007 and 2008, but it's also easy to forget until you hear songs like this one. Case in point: I was reminded of it by it coming up in YouTube's autoplay feature (algorithms are not always bad, I guess). "Pop Bottles" was a throwaway Birdman song that nonetheless had the distinction of being a top 40 hit, which should make you happy if for no other reason than it means that Jadakiss got to make a cameo as the coach of Lil Wayne's championship-winning basketball team in the video.

The video is also telling. Even though Wayne's appearance on the song is pretty much limited to him dropping the expert level internal rhyme of "pop bottles / pour it on the models," it's clear that the song is coasting entirely on his star power. Sure, the hook sampling Jadakiss is cool, and Birdman's verse about shitting on a jet is fun, but Wayne is the centerpiece, and this is one of his many coronations on Birdman's behalf.

I'm not sure I even knew this song had a third verse until right now, and the point is: Who cares? Wayne knew that he was irresistible, or he wouldn't rap the douchebag sweet nothings of "Can't you tell I'm in love woman? Like no other woman / Oh I'm sorry sweetheart, I thought you were my other woman." This may be like the 100th biggest Lil Wayne hit, but that doesn't mean it's not still worthy of popping bottles to.

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