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Oneohtrix Point Never Shared a Beguiling New Track from 'Good Time'

On "Leaving The Park" the American producer forges a strange combination of tessellated arpeggios and lead synth.
Photo by Tim Saccenti.

Warp Records signee Oneohtrix Point Never today shared a disquieting new track from his original soundtrack to the upcoming feature film Good Time. Following the Iggy Pop-featuring lead single, "Leaving The Park" sees 0PN return to his instrumental roots, conjuring a digital swarm of tense synths evocative of cyberpunk, new age, and prog styles. It also features an extended lead synth solo that plays with a sense of panic and rapture.


The American experimental producer won a Cannes award for the Good Time OST at the prestigious French film festival in May. The movie is a crime drama set in New York starring Robert Pattinson and Jennifer Jason Leigh, directed by brothers Ben and Joshua Safdie. Good Time marks the NYC-based filmmakers first time working with Oneohtrix Point Never; their previous work includes 2014's Heaven Knows What and 2009's Daddy Longlegs.

"I had a good feeling when I walked into [the Safdie brothers'] midtown office, which was more like a shrine to everything they loved—amongst which was a massive Akira print side by side with one of King of New York ," said 0PN in a press release. "To me the Safdies are doing something really unique and yet drenched in tradition. We share an affection and reverence for bruised and battered stuff, and I think we both feel this urge to enshrine the history as it is now, not as it was then. On our own terms."

Good Time arrives in theaters August 11.

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