Linden Frederick’s Paintings Capture Somber, Sleepy Sunsets

Open spaces are even more evocative when the sun goes down.
July 2, 2017, 11:40am
All images courtesy © Linden Frederick, courtesy of Forum Gallery, New York, NY

Twilight wraps itself over store fronts and azure-skied landscapes of freeways and rural homes. This is a vision of rural America that the people who have lived it are closely familiar with. Night Stories: Fifteen Paintings and the Stories They Inspired by Linden Frederick shows this summer at the Forum Gallery in New York. Frederick paints photorealist settings within rural settings at night time, giving us cityfolk an intimate view of the rest of the country. His works are filled with gradients of color, often augmented by a single willful shining light or store sign within an isolated landscape.

The gallery show concurrently showcases 15 original short stories from a range of authors, some with the National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize acclaim to their name. In its entirety, Frederick says it took seven years to fully compile the show.

The artist says, "The growing number of authors, screenwriters, and playwrights collecting my work, and the resulting conversations with them as to why they are connecting so strongly to it as storytellers—made me decide an exhibit defining and honoring that connection could broaden the traditional art viewing experience and provide a cross-cultural entry point for a wider audience."

The Linden Frederick exhibit, Night Stories: Fifteen Paintings and the Stories They Inspired, shows through June 30th at Forum Gallery in New York City. Find more information about the artist on the gallery's website, here, and Frederick's personal website, here.


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