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2 BFFS Gave This Club a Sick Graffiti Makeover

Olga and m05k developed a friendship that would carry them through a fruitful collaboration.
July 1, 2017, 11:40am
All images courtesy the artists

On the facade of a nightclub in Germany, evidence of a well-honed artistic friendship is written across its walls. By balancing each other's strengths, best friends and artistic partners, Olga and m05k, combine the best of two worlds: Olga, a traditional pen-and-paper artist, was open to experimenting with new mediums and m05k, who developed a background in graffiti, wanted to explore a more controlled medium in typography.


Their latest venture, splayed across Club Underground in Cologne is a joint effort that reflects the pair's joy in working as a team, as well as livening up a public space with accessible art. Club Underground commissioned the outdoor art, thus giving the creative duo free range to design and refine their own artistic voice.

Speaking about their process, Olga describes to Creators how the team develops their ideas first, and then begins on the preliminary sketches together. Afterwards, the two interpret where each can put their strengths and divide the execution. Olga continues, sharing the meaning behind the text sprawled across the wall. She says, "'The night is the friend of the free" [written] in German is a quote by Sophie Scholl, a resistance fighter during the Nazi regime in Germany."

Take a look at a few images of Club Underground:

To see more work from Olga and m05k on their respective Instagrams, here, and here.


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