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Holy Fuck's 'Bird Brains' Video Is Like a Gross, Bizarro 'Hot in Herre'

Watch the premiere of the first video from the group's forthcoming live EP.

Remember what you imagined parties were gonna be like, before you ever actually went to one? That fantasy of sweaty, impossibly hip late night bacchanals of sex, drugs, and social prowess, soon to be dispelled by the reality of long lines, overpriced drinks, and some guy in a blazer throwing up on your shoes?

Holy Fuck's new video for "Bird Brains," premiering on Noisey below, is about that. The Canadian experimental noise crew returns with another of their trademark sharp, cheeky music videos, this time with director Allison Johnston at the helm to help call us out on our own bullshit.


"With 'Bird Brains,' I wanted to explore the idea of mass hysteria, and how easily a group will follow the most confident person in the room," she says. "The party in the video is what I grew up believing they always were before I had ever been to one. I wanted every party to be Nelly's 'Hot in Herre.'"

The song offers up more of the visceral scuzz and rhythm that group heads Brian Borcherdt and Graham Walsh doled out on last year's Congrats and through the massive sound of their live shows. "Bird Brains" is the title track off a new forthcoming four-song Holy Fuck EP, recorded live at various studios over the last few years, which is due out July 21 via Innovative Leisure.

Here's what the guys had to say about it:
"[The EP] represents the ongoing creative process of a band whose members live in different cities (in both Canada and the US) yet insist their music should be a collaborative process. These four songs aim to capture the raw energy of four people, not apart as bedroom producers, but together as a spirited exchange of ideas, a dynamic interaction that comes from years of friendship."

Watch the video premiere of Holy Fuck's "Bird Brains" below.

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