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Let's Hear It for Clouds

Here's animated proof that clouds rule.
Instagram via Sahlooter

I've always loved painters who capture the mesmerizing quality of clouds, from Paul Cézanne's early landscapes to the iconic surrealist illusions of René Magritte. Even the clouds in video games like Super Mario are mesmerizing as they pass through the background, creating the illusion of our 8-bit protagonist's movement. The fluffy cotton balls in the sky must have similarly mesmerized the six GIF artists we present today, because their work is simply cloud-busting.


Xaviera Lopez's dreamy mental condensation is as elegant as JMcKeehen's skyward vortex is trippy and Kenaim's glitchy sunset is disorienting. DLGNCE and John Karel's GIFs evoke video game atmospheres descended from the Mushroom Kingdom, while Sahlooter's laid-back mountaintop La-Z-Cloud is the stuff of dreams. This pack is perfect for dropping off and tuning out until the weekend, so enjoy below.

Xaviera Lopez





John Karel

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