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On The Line: Jason Leopold and Kaj Larsen on Intelligence Agencies and The War on Terror

Jason Leopold and Kaj Larsen joined 'On The Line' to take your questions about their recent documentary, 'The Italian Job.'
November 20, 2015, 9:20pm

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VICE News journalists Kaj Larsen and Jason Leopold join On The Line to the role of intelligence agencies in the clandestine war on terror, and their new piece "The Italian Job."

In "The Italian Job," VICE News met up with De Sousa in Lisbon, one of nearly two-dozen CIA officers who was prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced by Italian courts in absentia in 2009 for the role they allegedly played in the rendition of a radical cleric named Abu Omar. It was the first and only successful criminal prosecution that has ever taken place related to the CIA's rendition program, which involved more than 100 suspected terrorists and the assistance of dozens of European countries.


In "The Italian Job," VICE News met up with De Sousa in Lisbon, Portugal--and other key figures connected to the case--for an exclusive interview about the steps she's now taking in an effort to hold the CIA accountable for one of the most notorious counterterrorism operations in the history of the agency.

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