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Suspected Van in Dallas Police Attack Sold as 'Zombie Apocalypse Assault Vehicle'

Police are working to verify if the van used in the shootout Saturday in Dallas was the “armored zombie busting vehicle” sold on Ebay on June 7.
Photo via Ebay/Storyful

Police are working to verify if the armored van used in the shootout Saturday in Dallas was the one sold on Ebay on June 7, almost six days before the incident. Described as a "zombie apocalypse assault vehicle," the van closely resembles the armored vehicle used by the assailant to ram a police cruiser and flee after opening fire on Dallas police headquarters.

Georgia-based Jenco Sales Inc. advertised the van on May 29 as an "armored zombie busting vehicle" with "bullet proof windows" and tactical step boards for "drive-by mow downs." The 1995 E-Series three-door van was sold just over a week later for $8,250.


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Jenco Sales Inc. also describes some of the other features of the van, notably gun ports conveniently located so that "no zombie juice touches you during a mass zombie takedown." The bumpers are reportedly made of reinforced steel tubing so that dents can be avoided. The entire van is said to be armor plated and has bulletproof windows "just in case you run into other zombie hunting hordes who might try to take this bad boy from you."

The ad also mentions that the van was purchased from Pickens Co, South Carolina, and has some minor wear and tear.

Screen grabs from news footage showed the rear of the van in the Dallas attack, and they are being compared with images used on the Ebay listing.

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A Dallas police sniper shot the suspected gunmen in the attack through the windshield of the van after a standoff on Saturday morning. Police also reportedly fired a .50-caliber rifle to disable the van's engine. Police fear that the vehicle may be rigged with explosives, and they are using robots for a "planned detonation." Other than the gunman, who is presumed dead, no injuries have been reported in the attack.

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