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Islamic State Video Claims to Show Men Who Attacked Paris

The militant group also threatens the UK in the video, which purports to show footage of nine of those who carried out the November attacks in France.
A still from the Islamic State video released on January 24, 2015.

The Islamic State (IS) released a video on Sunday purporting to show the images and last statements of nine of the Paris attackers, before finishing with an apparent threat to attack Britain.

Nine men are shown carrying out beheadings and military training in a desert location that look similar to the landscape in previous propaganda videos apparently filmed near Raqqa.

They are identified in the video by noms de guerre referring to their nationalities — three French, four Belgian, and two Iraqis, referred to as Ali al-Iraqi and Ukashah al-Iraqi.


The video includes footage of the suspected ringleader of the Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who was killed in a shootout with French police in the following days. Several of the men are shown speaking in French with what appeared to be native accents.

"So if you have sent your 'Hunter' fight jets to bomb the Muslims, then know that the Islamic State has sent you 'hunters' who thirst for the blood of the disbelievers, hunters who will not hesitate to slaughter you," said a man referred in the video by the nom de guerre Abu Umar al-Baljiki.

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The footage, which could not immediately be verified, also shows the aftermath of the attacks in Paris which killed 130 people on November 13.

People are shown fleeing from the attacks, with target marks aligned with them on the screen. Later in the video, footage of London is shown, then images of UK MPs voting in favor of Syrian airstrikes, while a voiceover purportedly by Abaaoud threatens attacks against the coalition fighting the group in the Middle East.

British Prime Minister David Cameron and John Bercow, a prominent figure in the British parliament, are seen with crosshairs over the faces.

The video concludes with more footage of Cameron, in this clip expressing solidarity with the French people after the attacks, with a slogan flashed on the screen: "Whoever stands in the ranks of kafir (infidels) will be a target for our swords."

A spokesman for the UK government, using an alternative name for IS, said: "We are currently examining this latest Daesh propaganda video — another desperate move from an appalling terrorist group that is clearly in decline."

French President Francois Hollande responded to the video on Monday from New Delhi in India where he has just arrived for a visit.

"France will not be deterred by any kind of threats of terrorism. We will take all measures that are required to protect democracy. Therefore, the decision that was taken to extend the period of emergency in France, so that we can take all the necessary measures — we will always protect the values for which France stands," he said.

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