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Climate Activism Under Attack: COP21 - Climate Emergency (Dispatch 2)

VICE News hears from Ban Ki-Moon at a COP21 party, attends an anti-COP21 conference, and meets one of the 24 climate activists currently under house arrest in France.

At the COP21 Paris Climate Talks, the prospect of nations reaching an agreement preventing irrevocable climate change is looking bleak, and discontent is growing among the activists on the ground. Environmentalists feel particularly targeted under the state of emergency imposed after the terror attacks. Squats are being raided by police, climate activists are being put under house arrest around France without committing any crime, and hundreds of people who defied the protest ban to attend a mass demonstration were tear gassed and arrested.


In this dispatch, VICE News hears from United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon at a chic COP21 opening party, visits the COP21 to talk to an expert to find out why we've had 20 summits and still no agreements, while carbon emission levels continue to rise. We visit one of the 24 climate activists under house arrest, and we attend an international climate justice conference hoping to achieve what it believes the UN can't.

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