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Watch the Trailer for 'Rainbow,' a New Documentary About Kesha

The behind-the-scenes documentary celebrating the one year anniversary of 'Rainbow - The Film' will be released August 10.
Queens, US

It's been a wild ride for Kesha. She went from brushing her teeth with a bottle of Jack in 2010's "Tik Tok" to using her voice to reveal what she described as abusive behavior against pop producer Dr. Luke. Last year, when she released Rainbow, it was her first glimpse of freedom after lengthy legal battles rendered her unable to put out new music. Today she releases a trailer for her documentary of the same name that takes her fans behind-the-scenes of the project one year later. The minute-long trailer is a montage of performances, including the women-only choir she assembled at this year's Grammys. At one point, she screams onstage "You don't own me," and the documentary seems like it will be a deeper exploration of the freedom she's been seeking. Directed by Kesha, Lagan Sebert, and Kevin Hayden, 'Rainbow - The Film' is shaping up to say all the things that music cannot. Watch the trailer below.


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