This story is over 5 years old.

Instagram’s Favourite Inflatable Coffin Can Now Be Yours

After the bubble gum Adams Family prototype sent the internet crazy, its designers are set to cash in.

A little over a week ago, Canadian designer Andrew Greenbaum posted a photo of a pink, inflatable coffin on Instagram. He had made it with fellow creative Ian Felton. It was one of those perfect internet flash points: millennial pink, great for photo op, summertime vibes—a nice “I want to die, lol” undertone. Like the eternal resting place for a vampire that owns everything Glossier ever produced.

The handful of prototype pictures were shared countless times, going niche-viral among those of us who live in the venn diagram of cry-for-help nihilism, industrial design stan, and thot. But it was also a massive tease, as the coffin was the only one in existence.


Not surprisingly Andrew and Ian recognised the possibility that this wave of internet-design hysteria offered, and are now looking to make our own bubble gum Adams Family vacation dreams come true. Today they launched a Kickstarter to finance the production of the coffins. Or, as they describes it, the “pool toy that serves as a functional art piece for your outdoor pool area.”

They're after AU$ 80,877. Which sounds like a lot, but I guess don’t underestimate the power of an aesthetically pleasing joke. Plus, as the Kickstarter points out, the money would go to funding Andrew and Ian’s collaborative work, that would see them creating other strange and covetable objects that you can take bikini selfies with.

Pledging $120 will get you one of these babies, with discounts offered for the more you buy. The Kickstarter also offers special edition versions in gold and clear, for total Lenin vibes.

At the time of writing, after the campaign had been live for less than 12 hours, they were sitting on over $5000. So fingers crossed you'll be crossing the river Styx in this baby soon.