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This Man Will Eat Anything You Request on Camera

Things got real weird real quick.
Photo via YouTube / man eating food

The internet is a strange place. From uploads by people who spend hours turning foil into a sharp knife to videos of crustaceans removing their own limbs to escape being eaten, the World Wide Web is a vast cornucopia of shit you really don’t need to see. In the upper echelons of that list, alongside ASMR videos of slime and a 42-minute workout vlog from a guy you used to fancy, are videos of this man, Eric, eating anything Reddit users request.


It all started when Ben Rosen, a Reddit user, came across a friend of his father’s who had been making ten-second videos of himself eating random foods. Knowing the internet’s love of weird shit, Rosen decided to collaborate with Eric, and open up requests to the online forum.

And boy, were people on board. Forty-eight thousand users upvoted Ben’s post explaining that Eric would eat anything, resulting in thousands and thousands of requests. While most comments asked that he eat normal foods like ketchup, raspberries, red salsa, guacamole, and beef jerky, many Redditors weren’t happy with the largely edible selection. Requests started to come in for paper towels and bin bags, so Eric stuck to his word.

In an Ask Me Anything posted on Reddit after most of the videos had been filmed, Eric and Ben explained that kitchen paper was the hardest to eat, and that Eric’s least favourite food was rice cakes.

The pair also explained why they had embarked on the project. Ben said that his main motivation was that he anticipated it doing well online, saying that “we both thought the internet would love it.”

In a mysterious parting message, however, Eric nodded to something more. “There is a deeper meaning,” he writes. “The clues have been left for you to find.”