Ottawa man charged with threatening to bomb police station

Tevis Gonyou-McLean was first arrested in August over fears he would commit a terrorist act
December 5, 2016, 7:06pm

An Ottawa man who was first arrested in August over fears he would participate in terrorism has now been charged with threatening to bomb the city’s police headquarters.

According to the Ottawa Citizen, 25-year-old Tevis Gonyou-McLean made the threat in early November while he was under arrest for breaching numerous rigid bail conditions imposed on him in August. The Citizen reports that the alleged comment was reported by a special constable in the station’s cell block.

As VICE News first reported, Gonyou-McLean was also charged with uttering a threat when he was first arrested this August, two days after self-professed Islamic State support Aaron Driver was killed as he attempted to carry out a terror plot involving an explosive device.

The RCMP is pursuing a terrorism-related peace bond against Gonyou-McLean — a legal tool used to restrict someone’s movements and behaviour when there’s a lack of evidence to lay a formal criminal charge.

Since August, the recent convert to Islam has been in and out of jail and has been slapped with new crimes, including breach of recognizance and mischief for allegedly tampering with his GPS monitoring bracelet.

While awaiting bail on those charges in a segregation unit last month, Gonyou-McLean told the Ottawa Citizen that he was kicked out of the homeless shelter he was ordered by a court to live at for breaking the rules, and ended up sleeping outside.

Though he told the newspaper that he “never met anyone that has supported (ISIS) in any sense,” the original bail conditions prohibited him from communicating with four other Ottawa men known to have been involved in terror-related cases. Awso Peshdary is about to face trial for his alleged involvement with recruiting for a terror network, and twin brothers Ashton and Carlos Larmond recently pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit terrorism.

Gonyou-McLean’s is expected to go to trial sometime next year.