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'SATURATION III' Isn't BROCKHAMPTON's Last Release, Thankfully

The world's most inventive boyband cleared up the confusion on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 show.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
Image via Beats 1 on Twitter

Following the release of their short film "Billy Star," and a new song, "BOOGIE," the self-declared "best boyband since One Direction," or as they're otherwise known, BROCKHAMPTON (I kinda prefer the first one), showed up on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 show to have a chat and premiere another new track, "STAINS." The full interview will air at 6 PM GMT.

However, one juicy little tidbit has been shared ahead of time: in a video of the interview posted to the Beats 1 Twitter account, Zane Lowe questions the group about whether SATURATION III – their third album, due for release on Friday (15 December) – really would be their "last studio album," as they touted on social media. I'd wager that most people believed them, but they basically revealed that they're not done yet.


Taking on his usual role as BROCKHAMPTON's spokesperson, Kevin Abstract spelled it out: "It's also funny because we make all our albums at our house. Doesn't it make it like, way more epic though? Like, 'SATURATION III: the last studio album by BROCKHAMPTON.' It seems like such more of a moment than it's the end of the trilogy, or end of the era," he said. He continued:

Even though everybody knows it's not really our last album. But, you know what? It might be our last album. It feels like—if this was the last one, I'd be really happy, but it also feels like we have more to say, so I don't think it's the last one. But at the same time, we do whatever we want, in the moment, so we might be like 'ay, we're off it. Let's just do this last tour.'

Though it might have been cool to cap things off at a year, it's true that BROCKHAMPTON clearly still have a lot left to do. Essentially, they just confirmed even further that they march to the beat of their own drum, and I'm very glad their reign's been extended. See the interview below:

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