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Watch a Clip from Tyler, The Creator's New VICELAND Show, 'NUTS + BOLTS'

The first episode of the long-awaited show airs on VICELAND at 10:30 PM EST tonight.

In his new VICELAND show NUTS + BOLTS, Tyler, the Creator explains the process behind cool stuff. Or, in his own words, it's "a show describing how everything that I think is awesome, is made." Before the first episode airs at 10:30 PM EST tonight, you can watch a clip from the show in which the Golf Wang founder visits the studios of Stoopid Buddy, the people behind the cult Adult Swim show Robot Chicken. Tyler learns about stop-motion animation and the painstaking work behind dope explosions. Watch the clip at the top of the page. You will hear somebody push really hard for a "kryptonite vibrator" to be accepted as an idea.


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