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Girl Leaves Drugs in Friend's Shoes, Sells Shoes to Stranger

"I had the worst thought of u taking them on holiday and being caught with them n felt sooo bad hahah."
Photo via VICE

Sometimes baggies go missing on a night out. It just happens. They're cursed.

Of course, you're also fairly often quite fucked on a night out, so not the most reliable protector of anything on your person, let alone a transparent bag containing a small amount of white powder. Think: how often have you got a wash out of the machine to discover a now-empty, now-warped plastic bag that had absolutely 100 percent disappeared the night before?


See: cursed.

Mind you, sometimes the curse lets up and you remember where you put your stash – even if it's too late. For instance, if you're the person who recently sold some second-hand shoes online, before realising you'd left a load of drugs hidden in them.

Look, the buyer tweeted your text to them (which, by the way, was not "weird" to send, but actually very kind and considerate):

In case you're not getting it, here's the tragic – and slightly confusing – tale in four parts:

Part 1: Hubris

Person B needs somewhere to hide their stash, so gives it to Person A, who pops it under the sole of Person B's Reebok shoe, seemingly without their knowledge or permission, somehow.

Part 2: The Night Out

A good time was had by all, indicated by the half-munched pill in the baggie.

Also, we have to assume that Person A told Person B they'd hidden their drugs in their shoe at some point? Otherwise, how would they have been able to do that half a pill?

Either way, everyone goes home and completely forgets the drugs are in the shoe.

Part 3: The Comedown

From the looks of it, Person B asks Person A to sell their trainers online for them. Why, we don't know. Maybe they have better Depop feedback? To be honest, that bit isn't hugely important.

Once Person A has sold and shipped Person B's trainers, they come to the horrible realisation that the trainers were concealing what looks like two half pills, a fair bit of MDMA, maybe some ketamine and at least one more bag whose contents we cannot speculate upon.

Person B messages the buyer, Person C: "I suddenly had the worst thought of u taking them on holiday and being caught with them n felt sooo bad hahah"

Part 4: The Plot Twists

Plot twist 1: The drugs could have been in any number of Reeboks Person B has sold on Depop, or somewhere similar, which – if found – could have led to the buyer being arrested, potentially in an airport for attempted drugs trafficking ("haha").

Plot twist 2: Person C, the buyer, is so chill about this misunderstanding that they tweet the entire interaction for the RTs.