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The Children Treating Gunshot Wounds on Chicago's South Side

In a city home to a staggering amount of gun violence, Ujimaa Medics is teaching kids how to save lives.

Chicago is the center of America's gun violence epidemic, home to 3,457 shooting victims in 2017 alone. Slow ambulance response times, a shortage of hospitals, and a police force that isn’t required to administer first aid leave shooting victims with slim chances for survival—but one grassroots organization is fighting to change that.

On this episode of DAILY VICE, we met up with the activists behind Ujimaa Medics, a group teaching local kids how to treat gunshot wounds in Chicago's South Side. We followed along as children as young as 12 learned how to bandage a wound, control crowds, and interact with the cops—including one young woman who used her training to save a life.

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