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'GoT' Fans Are Secretly Filming the Set and Ruining the Show for Everyone

Or they might've just caught one of the show's decoy endings.
Drew Schwartz
Brooklyn, US
Screenshot via Steven McAuley's Facebook page

HBO is doing just about everything it can to keep Game of Thrones's final season under wraps—posing stars in random positions to throw off spies, giving the cast their lines through an earpiece to avoid script leaks, and even shooting a couple of decoy endings just in case someone decides to spoil the whole thing before it airs next year.

But still, some relentless Game of Thrones fanatics are so desperate to get a glimpse of what's to come that they'll resort to snooping around the set. On Wednesday, one fan who was creeping around a filming site in Ireland took some footage that, according to GoT fan site Watchers on the Wall, reveals "a major season eight spoiler."


Facebook user Steven McAuley caught a massive fire burning what Watchers on the Wall claims is Winterfell to the ground. And despite HBO's quest to keep things a secret, the blaze got so big that locals in the area thought it might actually be an emergency and notified the local fire department, Belfast Live reports. When they showed up, they found a bunch of smoke, lights, and about 500 extras lined up for a major battle scene.

But before you start to make any predictions for the show's final season and try to figure out which fire-breathing monster set fire to the Starks' home, there is a possibility that the whole scene is just one of GoT's decoy endings and the joke's on us. Or, more likely, it's just an indication of all the pain and heartbreak that's to come—something we've already come to expect after seven seasons in Westeros.

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