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This Road Rage Video Is the Most South Florida Thing You'll Ever See

Miami achieves peak Miami.
Photos via screenshots from NBCMiami

In yet another example of Grand Theft Auto–grade road rage played out in real life, a Florida man slammed into several cars on Sunday, igniting a ridiculous mob scene of Miami denizens hell-bent on stopping him from speeding away.

The aftermath of the wreck was captured by cellphone footage and features several everyday heroes. The two drivers who attempt to block the fleeing vehicle are undoubted Good Samaritans. I personally like the guy who yells "NO TE MUEVAS!"—or "don't move" in Spanish—and then tries to rip the SUV's door handle off. And then, obviously, there's the random justice-seeker who appears to have no involvement in the accident, but jumps out of his van—where he apparently has a sledgehammer at the ready—and proceeds to methodically swing at the SUV.



The driver who allegedly caused the crash, 25-year-old Maxwell Lagutenko, is suspected of being high on narcotics when he hopped a median, started driving into oncoming traffic, and ultimately slammed into three different vehicles, according to Local 10 News. After a police officer spotted him while he was driving recklessly in a car that was basically falling apart, a fire crew apprehended him, and he was arrested. He's now being charged with fleeing and eluding police, leaving the scene of an accident involving property damage, and reckless driving.

But for the chaos Lagutenko allegedly caused, he has also gifted us what is quite possibly the most South Florida video of all time. Everyone who tried to stop him did so with everything and anything they had, and the fact that no one on the street seemed afraid of getting run over or T-boned by a driver who may or may not have been high at the time makes it clear—you should never, ever fuck with the people of Miami.

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