We Deciphered the New 'Westworld' Teaser So You Don't Have To

The cryptic clip hints at the aftermath of last season's bloody robot uprising.
February 2, 2018, 7:25pm
Photo by John P. Johnson/courtesy of HBO

Update 2/5: The "Journey into Night" teaser that dropped on Friday, February 2 was removed from @WestworldHBO's Twitter feed, but check out the full trailer that dropped during the Super Bowl.

It's been more than a year since the first season of Westworld wrapped up, but it looks like the wait for season two is almost over. Last fall, one of the show's stars, Evan Rachel Wood, tweeted that new episodes will be coming in the spring—April, according to a since-deleted Instagram post from Jeffrey Wright. But aside from those release date rumors and a bloody clip from last year's San Diego Comic Con, HBO has been pretty tight-lipped about what's to come.


But on Friday, the network finally tipped its hand and surprise-released a new Westworld teaser ahead of the full trailer scheduled to drop during the Super Bowl . It doesn't really give us a look at any new footage, but it does hint at the aftermath of last season's bloody robot insurrection. When the show left off, Dolores had murdered Robert Ford in the midst of the Westworld creator's presentation for a narrative called "Journey into Night," and an army of pissed-off androids in the woods were closing in on Delos executive director Charlotte Hale and her fellow execs.

The teaser shows a futuristic Delos computer screen as an "unknown user" tries to frantically call for help. Unfortunately, the urgent messages are quickly overwritten by the system, which boots up a program called "Journey into Night" and displays a cheery away message.

"Greetings into Westworld!" the message reads. "Journey into Night celebrations continue so we may be slow to respond to messages."

From there, the screen glitches, and a message from Hale appears. Hale—or someone posing as the Delos head—says the new narrative unveiling was "successful" and that "all is well."

"Ford took it in stride," the message continues. "Restructuring/Management downsizing on track."

If this is actually a message from Hale, then she must have survived the initial robot siege and is using it as an opportunity for Delos to consolidate power. If it is someone posing as Hale, then it's likely that the androids went ahead and killed everyone and are currently trying to keep the outside world from catching on.

The tweet points viewers to the Delos website, which features a bunch of internal emails from Delos staff. The teaser and the website both raise more questions than answers, but at least they'll help us bide our time until Sunday. Until then, watch the cryptic teaser above.

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