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This Kid Eating Raw Pasta as an 808 Cowbell Plays Is the Best Song of 2017

Happy 808 Day!
Photo via YouTube

Because today's date, August 8, shares its numerical form (8/08) with model number of a famous drum machine, the day has become an unofficial holiday called 808 day, where thirsty bloggers across the internet churn out content related to Roland TR-808. It is an important device—there are few pieces of electronic equipment that have had as much influence on all the music released following its introduction.


But just as importantly, it is also, uh, Vore Day, the special time every year where some people on the internet celebrate the culture of wanting—I'm paraphrasing Wikipedia here—to eat or be eaten by another person or entity. (For sex reasons.) I guess they picked today because it's 8/8 and "eight" sounds like "ate." Anyway, I was looking for videos of someone eating a drum machine so that I could efficiently celebrate both holidays at once, but I found something better in the bowels of YouTube.

A 2015 video titled "me eating uncooked pasta while listening to the roland 808 cowbell sound over and over" by a user known as dan _ is a two-minute oddity that offers everything its title promises. As the stilted sample plays in the background, a kid in a knit cap slowly eats some sort of dry pasta while staring at the camera. The resulting sound's an skin-crawling, anti-ASMR sorta deal—which, interestingly enough, runs parallel to a style that's presently in vogue in certain experimental music communities.

Last year, someone on Reddit asked the dan _ the question you might be wondering: why? "Smart answer: a sort of statement on the "bread and circus" sewer culture created by american society. celebrity fashion. dietary trends. acne cream!" someone claiming to be dan _ wrote. "Real answer: me n my friends thought the 808 cowbell was funny so i made a video about it. the uncooked pasta was the closest food next to me."

Sounds about right. Happy 808 Vore Day to all, and to all a good night.