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Game of Thrones

Shred Westeros on These Game of Thrones Map Skateboards

HBO commissioned designer V/SUAL to make a Thrones-themed skate deck
Images courtesy V/SUAL

While millions escape reality in the political turmoil of Game of Thrones each week, HBO has commissioned creatives to bring a Westerosi sensibility to modern designs in an ongoing collaborative project called Rep the Realm.

LA-based skate and streetwear studio V/SUAL created the third of seven collaborations, a series of limited edition skate decks featuring the iconic map of Westeros, Essos, and the lands beyond. Each deck hosts a slice of George R.R. Martin's geography. The whole world is revealed when the boards are laid side-by-side.


"The idea was to create a piece that appeals to the hardcore audience as well as people who may not have total knowledge of Game of Thrones," V/SUAL founder Stephen Vanasco tells Creators. Vanasco channels the history of rare and boutique skate decks hanging in galleries and homes, as in the work of artists like Ryan McGinness and Sean Cliver, or Japanese sculptor Haroshi's skate deck carvings.

Vanasco is a fan of artwork that spans several boards to make a single image, and used the opportunity of almost complete creative freedom offered by HBO to pay tribute to an underappreciated Game of Thrones character. "To me the map is just as an essential character of the show as the actors. It is featured in the beginning of every episode and has evolved over the years as well."

HBO has already tapped Dee and Ricky Jackson for a series of pins and Anwar Carrots for line-drawing totes and shirts. See the rest of the announced designs here and follow #RepTheRealm on social media for a chance to win loot. Check out more of V/SUAL's work on their website.


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