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A Pro Joint Roller Made Smokeable 'Rick and Morty' Characters for 4/20

Tony Greenhand, who can make over $1,000 for rolling a single joint, made Rick, Morty, Mr. Poopybutthole, and Mr. Meeseeks.
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Wubalubbadublunt! It's 4/20 my glip glops, and that means its time to travel to a dimension where everyone is lit as fuck. Cannabis artist Tony Greenhand, who at one point held the world record for largest joint rolled, celebrated the holiday with a fitting tribute to the stoneriest scientist on TV: Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty.

Greenhand is known for making smokeable sculptures of pop culture icons like Tommy Chong and Spider-Man for illustrious clients like Snoop Dogg. In honor of this special day, he rolled joint effigies of Rick and Morty, plus fan-favorites Mr. Meeseeks, and Mr. Poopybutthole. Combined, these four pieces of high art took the Weedstagram celeb around 20 hours of painstaking paper sculpting. A fan of the show himself, Greenhand's favorite episodes take place in the Citadel of Ricks, where versions of Rick and Morty from infinite dimensions meet up and hang out. However, his favorite character is the normie dad, Jerry, who fails at nearly everything he tries, but does it with heart. "He's the lovable idiot," Greenhand told VICE in a text message.


Courtesy Tony Greenhand

Like most animated Adult Swim shows, Rick and Morty goes out of its way to provide woah dude visuals on the regular. Rick from Dimension C-137 can invent anything and actually acts on even the wildest highdeas. In one episode he solves the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by smoking perspective-enhancing space drugs with the two group leaders. By extension, Greenhand reasons Rick "wouldn't be opposed to some dank." Bootleg joints of Rick and Morty characters are the biggest no brainers in the history of brains.

Check out the Rick and Morty joints below, and see more on Instagram.

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