North Koreans are risking their lives to leak news to this website

For most people in South Korea, life in North Korea is complete mystery. One news organization in Seoul is trying to fill in the blanks.

North Korea is an information black hole for most journalists — but not the Daily NK. Somehow, the outlet has been able to consistently get information out of the Hermit Kingdom and onto the screens of readers around the world.

Founded in 2005, the website Daily NK publishes articles on everything from fluctuating gas prices in North Korea to police crackdowns and executions. Daily NK’s team, which includes several North Korean defectors, uses secure messaging apps to communicate with network of informants in North Korea and China, allowing them to land exclusive scoops about what’s really happening inside the reclusive regime.

And because Daily NK pays some sources in the North and receives funding from the South Korea's Ministry of Unification — along with private donations and money from the U.S.-backed National Endowment for Democracy — the organization tends to blur the line between activism and journalism.

VICE News visited the site’s headquarters in Seoul on the eve of the inter-Korean summit to see how they report on the world’s most secretive country and ask why they’ve recently started broadcasting information back into North Korea.

This segment originally aired April 30, 2018 on VICE News Tonight on HBO.