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The New 'Venom' Trailer Finally Gives Us a Look at Tom Hardy's Terrifying Venom

Still no Spider-Man cameo, though.

On Monday night, Sony released a new trailer for its upcoming Venom movie at CinemaCon and the new clip gloriously addresses the major problem of the first trailer—by toning down Tom Hardy's emo narration and actually introducing us to Venom, in all his tongue-waggling glory.

"See, we didn’t actually forget to put in Venom in the movie," Sony chairman Tom Rothman joked at the new trailer's premiere, according to Hollywood Reporter. The trailer doesn't feature a Spider-Man cameo, but it's a pretty safe bet that Tom Holland will make a small appearance at some point in the film, because of course.


The new trailer also spells out the movie's plot in a bit more detail. It's a classic tale—alien space goop comes to Earth, schlubby journalist investigates goop, journalist and said goop merge together to create a crazed anti-hero named Venom, hijinks ensue. In this case, the hijinks seem to mostly involve motorcycle tricks, completely decimating evil henchmen, and running directly through trees to save yourself the trouble of going around them.

Like Topher Grace's version of the character from the clusterfuck that was Spider-Man 3, Hardy's Venom stays pretty faithful to the original character design. This time, though, it looks like Venom will have those expressive superhero eyes—apparently a given now in our post-Deadpool world. The Venom symbiote that infects Hardy's character, Eddie Brock, also appears to be able to communicate telepathically with him, whispering evil nothings in his ear like a space devil on his shoulder.

"If you're going to stay, you will only hurt bad people," Brock tries to reason with the intelligent space goo.

"The way I see it," the symbiote replies, "we can do whatever we want."

Venom is directed by Ruben Fleischer and stars Jenny Slate, Michelle Williams, and Riz Ahmed alongside Hardy. The film is set to hit theaters October 5.

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