'Bong Appétit,' MUNCHIES' Second Cookbook, Is Coming This Fall

Master the art of cooking with weed, with help from the editors of MUNCHIES.
All photos by Marcus Nilsson.

Here at MUNCHIES, we love a good weed brownie just as much as the next guy. But we also know that the wide world of cannabis-infused foods does not begin and end with them, and in fact, is as varied and diverse as non-psychotropic cooking. And we’ve made it our mission to illustrate that variety and complexity with a little series called Bong Appétit.

Over the course of several seasons on both MUNCHIES and VICELAND, we’ve introduced you to characters like Nonna Marijuana, the 93 year-old who lovingly cooks weed-infused Italian delicacies for her daughter who suffers from grand mal seizures. We even showed you how to make an entire Shabbat dinner with weed-infused dishes, which might not be entirely kosher, but it was definitely fun. It’s been a wild ride over the last few years, and it’s all been a part of the journey that led us to this moment.


Today, we’re proud to announce the newest addition to the MUNCHIES cookbook collection, and the only compendium of cannabis-infused cooking you’ll ever need. Introducing: Bong Appétit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed.

In these pages are 65 of our best recipes for all things weed-infused, from sweet to savory, from cocktails to entrées, and everything in between. We give you our expert-tested methods for extractions, including oils, butter, milks, liquor and more—the building blocks you need for exploring all of the ways that cannabis can be put to creative culinary use. We got a bunch of experts—like Bong Appétit hosts and certified cannabis geniuses Vanessa Lavorato and Ry Prichard, as well as all-around edibles expert Elise McDonough—to help us out, too, so the book's rounded out with everything you might want to know.

The book's coming out in October from Ten Speed Press, and you can jump on the preorder by clicking here.

While you’re waiting, catch up on your favorite moments of weed-fueled eating and drinking from Bong Appétit over on VICELAND.