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Rae Sremmurd Loves PETA, But Their Pet Monkey Is Probably Contact High

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Rae Sremmurd talks about their upcoming triple album, vegans, and wildlife.
Queens, US

Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi live a pretty wild life. The success of their viral hit "Black Beatles" landed their sophomore album, SremmLife 2, at No. 2 on the Billboard 200. Two years later, they're prepping a follow up and if the interview with Rolling Stone is any indication things have only gotten wilder—there's talks of crashing Ferraris, pet monkeys, and their upcoming triple LP, Sr3mm.

In the interview, Slim Jxmmi recalls the night he wrecked a rental Ferrari before he even had his license.


I played chicken with traffic. I woke up from this party, don't even know where my shirt was. Got in the Ferarri, no shirt on. Drove home with the front dragging on the ground, like, kkgrrssshhk…It was a rental…I just got my license, so now I'm actually gonna buy myself some cars…You can do anything without a license.

Swae Lee opened up for his love for animals and…PETA? He practically has a home farm with two pet monkeys, two dogs, and two pigs. We're no experts, but PETA might have a problem with him domesticating wild animals and possibly getting them contact high. "I don't blow smoke at him, but yeah, he probably be high," Swae says in reference to Lil G, his pet monkey. According to the interview, Swae says "whipping up checks like tofu," on Sr3mm, which he thinks will give him major points with the animal rights group. "The vegans are gonna fuck with that line," he told Rolling Stone.

I like wildlife. I wanna go in the jungle and see elephants and shit. I'm gonna go to the Amazon. Anyone fucking with wildlife, poaching them, they need to be taken out. They corny for that. Shout out to PETA.

It wasn't all wild stories from the SremmLife boys, who eventually did reveal some details about their new album. Each brother has their own disc, with Swae's driven by melody and Jxmmi's all about energy. The two join forces on the final disc with features from Young Thug, Zoë Kravitz, Future, and Travis Scott through Sr3mm. Read the rest of the interview at Rolling Stone.

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