Loyola Chicago Upsets Miami in First NCAA Tournament Since 1985

With an insane, nearly buzzer-beating three from Donte Ingram.
March 15, 2018, 9:43pm
Screenshot via Twitter / @marchmadness

There is no greater feeling than hopping into March Madness without any backstory about a team whatsoever, and cheering the fuck out of them as an underdog. Such is the way you can feel about 11th seed Loyola Chicago taking on the historied and 6th seed Miami in their first March Madness appearance since 1985.

The game was tied at the half, but Loyola dug deep and Chicago native Donte Ingram pulled off this insane miracle with just fractions of a second left on the clock:

Apparently, there is a 98-year-old nun named Sister Jean who is the team chaplain and gets into huddles with the team and prays with them.

Per The New York Times, she said, “I ask God to be especially good to Loyola so that, at the end of the game, the scoreboard indicates a big ‘W’ for us.”



“They’re very special, and they’re very good,” she said. “These kids play with their hearts and their heads because they love their school and because they love basketball.”

Well now this underdog story just got a whole lot more adorable. On to the next one, Sister Jean.


So this bar at Loyola was pretty excited about how things went down: