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Ben Simmons Roasts Hawks While Playing Video Games with Karl-Anthony Towns

The Philadelphia 76ers point guard told KAT he had "plenty of time to play" PUBG ahead of the Wolves game against the lowly Atlanta Hawks.
Screenshot via Twitter / @Dcorrigan50

For the uninitiated: Player Unknown Battlegrounds (affectionately known as PUBG) is some pretty addictive shit. In short: it's like the Hunger Games on crack—an online multiplayer video game where you're locked on an island, scavenging for weapons, and there's only one man (or team) left standing. The fun is certainly not lost on Minnesota Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns and Philadelphia 76ers point guard Ben Simmons.


With livestreaming taking popularity, you get a pretty good window into the lives of famous people who join up. And you soon learn that they are basically forever 13-year-olds living out their childhood dreams (music, sports) and playing video games.

Well, it turns out KAT and Simmons are pretty tight and last night, the two were broadcasting their game of PUBG when Simmons let out some pure shit-talking gold. Just a subtle little diss about how much time KAT had to play another game, knowing that he and his Timberwolves were playing the Atlanta Hawks the next day:

KAT plays it cool, knowing that he doesn't want to full-out diss the Hawks, but come on. Atlanta is 21-53 right now at the bottom of an Eastern Conference that includes the Brooklyn Nets, and Orlando Magic. Simmons also had a hilarious message for the haters who say he spends too much time playing video games:

Just don't ride that circle too long, Ben. (Yes, this is a PUBG joke.)