Tell Depression to Fuck Off with Lonely Parade’s “I’m So Tired”

The post-punk trio’s first single with Buzz Records tackles mental health with dark humour and melodic, contagious math-rock energy.
April 10, 2018, 2:14pm
Photo By Chris Borges

If I had a dime for everyone I’ve heard describe themselves as sad, anxious, or burnt out in the last year, hell, there’d be enough money to pay off all of our therapy bills. The music industry, in particular, is lacking resources and fucks about mental health as if execs view depression as a creative asset, not a liability. All of that in mind, Lonely Parade’s “I’m So Tired” stings with a sense of familiarity about poor mental health but also angry empowerment, a way of channeling helpless hours stuck in bed into post-punk meets math-rock rage against it all.


Barely over 20 years old, the Montreal-based lo-fi trio of guitarist Augusta Veno, bassist Charlotte Dempsey, and drummer Anwyn Climenhage shows impressive depth for their age with biting lyrics like "I'm so tired of myself I'd punch my shadow on the pavement" and sudden frantic-yet-melodic time signature shifts. It’s the first single off their Buzz Records debut coming later this year, a promising sign of Lonely Parade’s growth as songwriters some three albums in.

“’I’m So Tired’ is based on the feeling of seasonal depression. It’s about feeling numb when you’re overwhelmed with a situation you can’t cope with, and not processing the emotions at hand,” Dempsey says. “The song was written about an unrequited love, and feeling anxious and insecure about your position, and trapped in the situation. Musically we tried to capture that feeling of drowning in your own head, the sense of sinking as soon as you wake up with the sludgier sections, while the rest of the track expresses a more manic sensation of going through the motions of living and trying to keep up with reality when your mind is somewhere else.” Listen to “I’m So Tired” and check out their upcoming tour dates below.

04/16 - Montreal, QC, Théatre Plaza w/ Preoccupations
04/21 - Fredericton, NS, Flourish Festival
06/15 - Ottawa, ON, Ottawa Explosion Weekend

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This article originally appeared on Noisey CA.