The Arrogant Denver Nuggets Angered Lil B and Paid the Price

Denver incurred the Based God's wrath in December. Last night, their season ended with an ugly loss to Minnesota. I WONDER IF THESE TWO THINGS ARE RELATED?!?!?!?!
L: Hannah Foslien / Getty Images

The Minnesota Timberwolves beat the Denver Nuggets after overtime last night, 112-106. It wasn't a particularly pretty game of basketball, but it was the most dramatic match-up of the NBA regular season's final night. With the victory, Minnesota ended a 14-year playoff drought and condemned Denver to the ignominy of a ninth-placed finish in the Western Conference. The Nuggets' season is over. They will go back to Colorado, perhaps smoke some legal weed, and think about their failure. If only this wasn't a crisis of their own making


I am sorry to say, however, that it was:

That's the Denver Nuggets' social media manager there, angering Lil B, seemingly incurring the Based God's Curse which is absolutely a real thing. The tweet—an arrogant "wait, Who's Lil B" in response to the Based God's updated, Denver-less list of blessed teams—was sent in December last year. That should make it all the more galling if you're a Denver fan. Let's take a little look at the Western Conference standings from that day, December 30, 2017:

That's Denver there, sitting relatively pretty in sixth spot, between the stacked OKC Thunder and the Based God-approved Portland Trail Blazers. Less than four months later, they have found themselves beneath the Blazers and the Wolves. I WONDER WHAT MIGHT POSSIBLY HAVE GONE WRONG FOR THIS TALENTED GROUP OF INDIVIDUALS, ONCE SO PROUD, WHO NOW FIND THEMSELVES WITH NOTHING TO DO FOR THE NEXT FEW WEEKS.

The Based God is what went wrong for them. You know it, I know it, Nuggets coach Michael Malone ought to know it. Don't just incur the Curse because you're three games above .500 and you're feeling frisky. Lil B, in his wisdom, retweeted the offending "who's Lil B" tweet this morning. Let this be a lesson to all NBA teams.

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