Trump Spent His Social Media Summit Complaining People Aren't Retweeting Him Anymore

Think you deserve more Twitter followers? You probably loved the White House Social Media Summit

It started, like many things these days, with a tweet:

A White House tech bias survey led to Thursday's White House Social Media Summit. President Trump said — in a tweet, of course — that the event would be focusing on "dishonesty, bias, discrimination and suppression practiced by certain companies." Assuming by "certain companies" he was referring to tech platforms like YouTube or Facebook, though none of them were invited.


At the event was a rolodex of celebrities of the very specific niche that is extremely online pro-Trump fans, including a meme-maker known only as Carpe Donktum and singer-songwriter Joy Villa, whose really made a thing of her brand, which seems to revolve around wearing pro-MAGA fashion on the red carpet.

You’re probably wondering whether and how the event ended up focusing on dishonesty, bias or discrimination on tech platforms. We can’t say for sure, but President Trump certainly spent a large part of his address on one topic: how his tweets don’t pop off like they used to.

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It was, as President Trump promised, a big and exciting day at the White House for Social Media.