Watch Jeff Goldbum Talk About Losing His Virginity on Colbert

The actor was there to chat about his new VICE Studios film, 'The Mountain,' but he's Jeff Goldblum, so of course it got weird.
Alex Zaragoza
Brooklyn, US
July 26, 2019, 5:26pm
Jeff Goldblum on Late Show with Stephen Colbert

On Wednesday night, modern-day dandy and beloved character actor Jeff Goldblum stopped by the Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk about The Mountain, his latest film. "There's no one like my first guest," said Colbert, and really, he's not wrong.

A few of the tidbits we learn about Goldblum during his visit with Colbert:

  • Jeff Goldblum does not boat.
  • Jeff Goldblum cares if you hurt your finger, and will ask you if you cleaned out the wound and put Neosporin on it.
  • Jeff Goldblum will bring Ricola cough drops with him to a television interview, hold them in his hand then drop them on the interviewer's desk because he doesn't want to "upset his pockets."
  • Jeff Goldblum lost his virginity at 18 on the night of his first professional acting performance, a Shakespeare in the Park production of Two Gentleman of Verona.


Anyway, back to The Mountain. Goldblum explains that the VICE Studios film, directed by Rick Alverson, is "based, extrapolated from, and then sprung poetically off of" a true story. The film revolves around the strange and sinister life of lobotomist Dr. Wallace Fiennes, who hires a young boy (Tye Sheridan) to photograph his creepy day-to-day activities. As Goldblum put it, "He said, 'forget the surgeon, I'm gonna get these ice picks from my refrigerator. I'm gonna invent this trans-orbital lobotomy. I'm going to go in through the eyeball and windshield wipe around a little bit.'"

"This is what I love about you: that one sentence is an emotional rollercoaster for us," said Colbert. "I didn't know where it was going, I didn't know what the next word would be! I didn't know if I needed to give you CPR. I didn't know what was gonna happen there."

"I live more in 10 minutes than most people do in an entire lifetime," Goldblum responded. He is…probably right.

Check out Goldblum on Colbert:

And here's trailer for The Mountain, out now in theaters.