What Flavor Juul Pod Is Sophie Turner's Favorite? An Investigation

Bend the knee to Sophie Turner, Juul Queen in the North.
Alex Zaragoza
Brooklyn, US
Anna Iovine
illustrated by Anna Iovine
Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner is the Juul Queen
Image credit Juul and HBO. Composite by Anna Iovine

While Sansa Stark is now living it up as Queen in the North, sipping that Arbor Gold and surveying her kingdom, Sophie Turner, the actress who played Game of Thrones' smartest character, is the undisputed vape queen.

Turner has been the source of the internet's fascination since March 18 of this year, when video of her chugging a glass of red wine and hitting the dab on the Jumbotron during a New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden made its way across the timeline. That alone was enough to make us all bend the knee to Brophie Turnt-er, queen of the dank. But then there, securely placed in her left hand, we saw evidence that Turner, like middle schoolers across America and all the journalists of Brooklyn, is a Juul user.


Many years back, during an episode of the Playboy Mansion–set reality TV series The Girls Next Door, viewers were informed that all Playboy pictorials feature what they call "the presence of a man," meaning something in the background to denote that the lady with the impeccably trimmed bush wearing nothing but a necktie was in the company of a gentleman caller. That something could be any heteronormative signs of dudehood: a glass of whiskey, a sportsjacket strewn over a chair, a poster of Kelly Bundy on a red Corvette. Across the recesses of a Google image search of Sophie Turner, you can often find the presence of a Juul.

Queen Brophie during a break on set of GoT running the juuls; going vapeshit while strolling with her husband, Joe Jonas, on a street somewhere; at the premiere party for the final season of Game of Thrones thinking about her favorite Oscar contender The Vape of Water; thinking about her favorite Cardigans song "Lovejuul" while wearing leggings; dropping a b-boy pose with her fellow Jonas sisters on a private plane probably on their way to Istanjuul; at her Vegas wedding where no one objuulcted to the union. The receipts are endless.

One thing all this photographic evidence does not answer, however, is what flavor Juul pod does Sophie Turner prefer? We've seen her hitting vapes of different sizes and colors, but there has been no concrete proof of what Juul flavor passes the lips of our fair Sansa. There's only one way to find out the answer: investigative journalism.


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By looks alone, one would mistakenly think Sophie Turner hits the creme brulee flavor. But that's sexist. Just because she's a woman with beautifully soft features and a dainty physique doesn't mean she likes what is often considered "the girl flavor." Homegirl chugged a glass of wine and hit the dab at a Rangers game! She's a bro through and through. She's not messing around with no creme brulee flavored shit. Plus, it tastes like someone dumped vanilla Victoria's Secret body spray in your mouth. Definite no on that.

Based on the aforementioned bro vibe she exudes, one might think she goes tobacco flavored pod. That'd be wrong. A true bro would in fact attempt to smoke a regular cigarette if they ran out of dip, then be like "this is nasty, bro" and continue drinking their Natty Ice. Also, the tobacco Juul tastes like the faint stench of cigarette on facial hair that you inhale when you're extremely hung over and wake up next to a dude rocking a mustache.

Cucumber and mint are both very strong contenders, and I would venture to say Turner partakes in these flavors regularly. She appears to be a health-conscious lady, since she once posted an IG pic of a fruit stand, and also once posted a pic of herself with a cocktail that had green bits in it that could well be mint. These flavors are not offensive, have a smooth taste, and go down easily. They're perfect for day-to-day Juuling, and most likely Turner's go-to when she's hitting a sporting event or thinking she might fuck around and rule a kingdom.

But on a special day, we can be sure that Turner is hardcore ripping into a mango Juul pod. Mango is the most exclusive of Juul pods, having been banned for literally being too delicious and alluring to children. Still, someone with Turner's power, money, and connections can surely score a plethora of mango pods, if she so desired. Hell, it wouldn't be shocking if the Juul corporation sent her a bouquet of mango Juuls as a wedding gift! This is a flavor for the elite, and Turner is just that. But because she's still a woman of the people she saves her mangoes for when she wants to treat herself. Case closed.

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