Linda Hamilton Is Back as Sarah Connor in the First Teaser for 'Terminator: Dark Fate'

Wait, this one actually looks pretty good?
May 23, 2019, 1:24pm
Terminator 6: Dark Fate
screenshot via trailer

Terminator 2 is one of the greatest movie sequels ever. It took the foundation laid out in the original and expertly expanded the world to include everything from liquid metal machines, more time travel complications, and that awful psychiatrist who wanted to write a book about Sarah Connor's so-called delusions. But then came T3: Rise of the Machines, and the one with Christian Bale, and the terrible fever dream that was Terminator: Gynysysys or whatever, and it seemed like the entire franchise was as doomed as those kids on that playground. Or it was, until now.

On Thursday, Paramount Pictures released the first teaser trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate, and—uh, it actually looks pretty good?

Dark Fate is the first Terminator sequel since 1991 to actually have James Cameron attached, and he's bringing back Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger to reprise their original roles. It's also reportedly a direct sequel to T2, forgetting about all those other terrible sequels like we've collectively tried to do, too.

Cameron is only producing, though, since he's still cranking out roughly a zillion Avatar movies right now, but he attached Tim Miller to direct, hopefully to bring some of Miller's Deadpool energy to the franchise.

The two-and-a-half minute trailer is mysterious and doesn't give us much of a feel for the actual film, but what we do get seems pretty promising. Arnold's T-800 is living a quiet life in the woods? Linda Hamilton somehow looks even tougher than she did in 1991? Not one but two new Terminators? The first one—an updated T-1000 played by Gabriel Luna—seems to have the ability to split himself into a liquid form and an endoskeleton, and a nearly human Terminator (Mackenzie Davis) who's trying to keep a young woman alive.

"Why do you care what happens to her?" Davis's Terminator asks at one point.

"Because I was her," Connor says.

Then everything goes completely wild and a flaming airplane falls out of the sky because, sure, why not? Give the trailer a watch above and check out Terminator: Dark Fate when it hits theaters on November 1.