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Monthly Horoscope: Cancer, July 2019

Happy solar return, dear Cancer!
June 30, 2019, 6:20pm

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Happy solar return, Cancer! I hope you're celebrating another year around the sun by spending time with your favorite people, eating your favorite foods, and enjoying yourself! Unless, of course, you're more in the mood to hide in your shell and rest quietly away from the crowd. You're entitled to do whatever you like on your birthday and don't need to party a certain way just because that's what's expected of you!

You're a nurturing water sign, and the fact is, many things you do, you do for the good of everyone—you care deeply about your family, and I don't just mean your blood relatives, but your chosen friends and partners, too. Whatever you do for your birthday this year, make sure it's in celebration of you, not just what you think would appease the many people in your life. I also want you to be borderline demanding about gifts this year. Let your friends know exactly which blender you expect to see sitting pretty with a bow on your kitchen counter this year. And be demanding when it comes to asking for a raise, too! You deserve great things, dear Cancer, and action planet Mars agrees as it enters proud, regal Leo on July 1, adorning you with a crown and urging you to fight for what you deserve. This isn't about being greedy—it's about knowing your worth.


  • It’s a great time to reconnect with your people. A meal kit service could cut down on planning and free you up to focus on loved ones.
  • It’s your birthday season, so treat yourself to some time at the spa (instead of worrying about everyone else!).
  • Not everyone is as psychic as you are—making a public wishlist makes things easier for them by letting them know what you want.
  • If you need some inspiration, this personalized gift guide for Cancers may have some good suggestions.

This month's Mercury retrograde is hardly the most intense thing about July—there are two eclipses, and one is in your sign! No one is immune to the power of eclipses, which are critical turning points that interrupt our lives and redirect us toward our destiny—the harder you cling to what's not working, the worse things will be! But because you are ruled by the moon, eclipses (which are basically super-charged new and full moons) are especially potent for you, dear crab.

The first eclipse this month is in Cancer on July 2. The last time there were solar eclipses in your sign were 2009, 2010, and 2011, and now, nearly a decade later, you're looking at all you have accomplished and likely reconnecting with parts of yourself from those times, as you realize that a new cycle is beginning for you. This is a turbulent and emotional period, and you're being asked to look at yourself in deep and profound ways that may feel unusual or even uncomfortable. A major fresh start is coming, but it will require letting go of the past, and letting go of versions of yourself that you've outgrown.


You're feeling especially sexy and creative as Venus enters your sign on July 3. In addition to feeling much more flirtatious than you have been recently, this is also a fantastic time to update your wardrobe. Venus is all about harmony, and while it's certainly the planet of beauty, it isn't a superficial planet. Venus also rules our values, and as it moves through your sign, you'll find yourself reconnecting with your own values and realizing new things that are important to you.

The conversations and ideas you've been working with since June 20 (when Mercury entered its pre-shadow period) come back up for review as Mercury retrograde begins on July 7 in Leo. This will be especially true for topics in the realm of finance. Mercury retrograde is famous for delays and technical difficulties, so this isn't an ideal time to sign a contract or work on something new. Be especially careful of where you place your wallet and valuable belongings. That said, something that's been missing may turn up now!


Mercury is retrograde in Leo until July 19, when it will reenter your sign, finding you reconsidering some of the ideas and decisions you've made. Mercury retrograde finally ends on July 30, but until then, take it slow and don't overcommit yourself. My advice? Resting and work on projects that you've put on the back burner instead of starting new ones. During this retrograde, running into people from your past is also likely. This can be pretty exciting as you have so much ground to cover in a catching-up session!

Venus connects with Uranus in Taurus and Mercury retrograde meets Mars in Leo on July 8, bringing you exciting social connections and finding you sorting out your budget. You're itching for freedom, and financial security will help you take risks without stressing out too much. Mercury's meeting with Mars urges you to ask for what you need—especially if you missed your last opportunity to do so! Mercury retrogrades are annoying, but they also give us another chance! Just watch out for obstacles, especially in your relationships, as the sun opposes Saturn on July 9—a grumpy energy is in the air. Do your best to be responsible and mature on this day.

The mood is especially impulsive as the sun connects with Neptune and Mars squares off with Uranus on July 11—keep your spending in check, and be mindful of unexpected tempers. The sun opposes Pluto in Capricorn on July 14, which is a sensitive day for power struggles and control issues, especially within relationships. However, an amazing transformation may take place if you and your partners are open to confronting the truth about something rather than sticking your heads in the sand.


  • Gain clarity by documenting your thoughts and desires in this beautiful, astrology-themed journal—then decide how they fit into your transformation.
  • Letting go of the past isn’t easy for you, but this adorable book by Marie Kondo (in Manga form!) can be your guide.
  • Feel good about refreshing your wardrobe with some pieces from a conscious, curated fashion retailer that sources sustainable pieces from local artisans.
  • Brush up on the basics of how to do more than just scrape by in your personal finances. Cancers are fantastic at saving once they have a plan in place!

The second eclipse of the month is the lunar eclipse in your opposite sign Capricorn, which arrives on July 16 and brings a critical turning point in your relationships. You're seeing things in a way, and the perspective offered now is unlike any you've witnessed before. This is a profound period for release, especially when it comes to your expectations of others and your partnerships. During this time, you'll see who you can rely on and may be let down by others. This eclipse asks you to get real about your needs and boundaries because that's the only way you'll get the kinds of partnerships—romantic or otherwise—that are healthy and happy. The energy is highly emotional, so make space for yourself to feel your feelings. Don't overbook or overwork yourself, Cancer!

You might be ending an important relationship at this time, but with each closing door, a new one opens, and what you release during this eclipse will make room for something new. Things are changing now, and resisting the transformation will leave you depleted. This doesn't mean you have to go through this alone—it's an especially potent time for any sort of therapy, and a great time to call on the wisdom of elders and help from friends who've been through what you're going through now. Even if a relationship isn't ending, a major climax will be reached that forever transforms how you hold space and care for each other.

Venus opposes Saturn in Capricorn on July 17 and connects with Neptune in Pisces on July 18, and conflicting energy abounds. On one hand, you're eager to know what the heck is going on in your relationships and sort out commitments, but on the other, you know that at this time, it's best to go with the flow, explore your feelings, and see what's out there. The energy could feel quite cold at this time. Don't force any conversations just yet, especially as Mercury retrograde reenters Cancer on July 19—just let yourself think and feel. If you can be patient, you will discover who shares your values (again, an important theme as Cancer moves through your sign) and who you should explore the world with. On July 21, an especially intense climax in your relationship is reached as Venus opposes Pluto (watch out for jealousy and possessiveness!), and critical information is shared as the sun meets Mercury retrograde.

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  • Prepare for more frazzled days by putting locators on your keys, wallet and other easily lost things, especially during Mercury retrograde.
  • If you need to talk to someone but aren’t ready or able to try therapy, talking to someone online might help.
  • Like your ruling planet, the Moon, you have phases, and pacing yourself is the key to success. Follow your inspiration but be careful not to burn yourself out.

The sun enters Leo on July 22, bringing your focus to wealth and abundance and making this a wonderful time to reflect on your budget and spending habits. Mercury retrograde meets with Venus on July 24, making this an especially social and flirtatious time. However, as always with Mercury retrograde, be mindful of delays, miscommunications, rescheduling, and chance encounters with people from your past. Mars connects with Jupiter in Sagittarius on July 25, creating an especially productive energy for finances and your day job, and it's a fantastic time to power through your to-do list—especially the items that have been waiting a long time to grab your attention!

Even more blessings arrive in the financial sector of your chart as Venus enters Leo on July 27. The sun squares off with Uranus on July 29, bringing big surprises, especially in your social life. You'll be shocked to discover what's important to you at this time—your vision of the future is evolving. You're also intensely craving freedom, so expect to need some space at this time. The month wraps up with a new moon in Leo and the end of Mercury retrograde on July 31, igniting a new cycle of growth and abundance and pushing conversations forward. Good luck this month, Cancer, and see you in August!