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Broadly takes a look back at some of our favorite astrological insights, explainers, and feature stories.
Illustration by Robin Eisenberg.

We're proud to have created pioneering astrological content—and we've done this by taking the subject, and our readers, seriously. We've been unafraid to dive into more complicated astrological concepts, while making sure to also provide context for new astrology fans as well. We don’t joke about astrology, but we do make astrology-based jokes! Our resident staff astrologer Annabel Gat has described our voice as "kind and helpful with the occasional drag."


Broadly is the home of tough-love astrology—we help our readers know what they’re talking about, so they can wield their cosmic knowledge in a way that enriches their everyday lives. Apart from our daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes, below are a few more of our favorite astrology stories from over the years:

Stop blaming it on Mercury retrograde.

A friendly guide.

Take a moment to read through Astro Roasts, a column in which astrologer Danny Larkin drags each of the signs—affectionately!

Don't get us started with Pisces.

In our Signs of Love column, astrologer Danny Larkins breaks down what it's actually like to date each zodiac sign.

The more you know.

We love living at the intersection of astrology and pop culture!

"For me, astrology has always been a tool of liberation, and queer theory likewise seeks to liberate people from the language of oppression."