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Here's a 13-Minute Clip of Animal Collective Searching for Sounds in the Brazilian Rainforest

It's taken from 'Earthworks,' a new documentary series that follows artists on remarkable journeys around the world.

Earthworks is a new three-part series presented by Live Nation and VICELAND that follows artists on life-altering journeys to remarkable destinations to see how different cultures and environments can influence the music we hear. In the first episode, airing on VICELAND tonight, we travel to the Amazon rainforest with Animal Collective as they go in search of field recordings, aiming to create three songs entirely outside of the studio. "I started doing field recordings in college and that became a huge thing for Animal Collective for years," multi-intstrumentalist Brian Weitz explains. "But as we've gotten older and all lived in cities, there's been less opportunities to do that stuff." Beginning in the northern Brazilian city of Manaus, the band travel up the the Rio Negro, listening to local music and the acoustics of the environment as they go. They also get far too close to some very large snakes.


Later in the series, we'll go to avocado and butterfly farms in Mexico with Miguel and the Colorado River with Local Natives. For now, you can watch a 13-minute preview of tonight's episode at the top of the page before the episode airs on VICELAND at 11 PM EST tonight. The full episode will be available to stream at Live Nation's YouTube page right here from 11:30 PM onwards.

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