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Adele Continues to Be Music’s Nicest Person And That’s Fine TBH

She met firefighters from Chelsea firestation, in the wake of last week's horrific Grenfell Tower fire.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

The tragic fire that took place at west London's Grenfell Tower last Wednesday (14 June) is one on a scale that we've not seen in a long time. The death toll is still rising as fears loom that many of those who lost their lives may remain unidentified, and with an ineffectual Prime Minister who has as yet refused to meet any of those directly affected by the fire, it has been down to other leaders (like Labour MPs Jeremy Corbyn and David Lammy) to show the community official support.


Some other, unexpected figures have also shown up to offer a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on, including the perpetually down-to-earth Adele (at this point she has pretty much earned her reputation as Music's Nicest Woman). She first visited the scene the day after the fire to speak to survivors, and now she's been pictured visiting the firefighters who have been working at Grenfell Tower:

Chelsea firefighter Rob Petty posted photos of Adele with a number of those who had worked on the blaze on social media, stating that she'd popped in for "a cup of tea and a cuddle," which are two Extremely Adele things to pop in for. If nothing else, it's admirable that as a London native she's using her considerable platform to bring light to lives that are probably fairly dark at the minute, and hopefully others will follow her example.

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(Image via Wikimedia Commons)