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DC Police Arrested a Trump Hotel Guest Who Had an Assault Rifle in His Car

The man told police he was a veteran and a Trump supporter.
May 31, 2017, 4:27pm
Photo via Mike Maguire

On Wednesday, police in DC arrested a man in his room at the Trump International Hotel after they allegedly spotted an unlicensed AR-15 assault rifle lying in plain view inside his car, the Washington Post reports.

The 43-year-old Pennsylvanian man, Bryan Moles, was staying at the Trump hotel, just down the street from both the White House and Capitol building. DC police had been tipped off that Moles was packing the weapons in his car, and after he valeted it at the hotel, officers spotted the AR-15 through the car's windows.


When they searched the rest of the vehicle, they discovered a Glock handgun in the glove compartment and a cache of assorted ammunition. Authorities then arrested Moles at his hotel room and later charged him with carrying firearms and ammo without a license.

According to ABC 7, Moles told police that he is a US veteran and Trump supporter. But a statement from the Trump hotel alleges that Moles was "behaving suspiciously," and a DC police spokesman said they had received information from another law enforcement agency that Moles had "made threatening remarks." There are no specifics yet about what the remarks or suspicious behavior entailed.

After the incident, the Secret Service released a statement saying that at no time were any protectees "at risk."

"This investigation is still new and ongoing," Special Agent Brian Ebert said in the statement.