Warriors Toaster Guy Got an Invite to the Victory Parade

In March, Klay Thompson signed a toaster for a fan. Three months later, the Warriors are NBA Champs. Coincidence?
June 13, 2017, 6:38pm
Image via Imgur/u/RDollaz

Exactly three months ago today, on March 13, Warriors fan and Reddit user RDollaz went to an autograph signing and got an extremely confused Klay Thompson to sign his toaster. He quickly gained internet fame thanks in large part to the aforementioned confusion written all over Thompson's face when confronted with the toaster:

Disregarding the ideas of correlation and causation for a moment, once signed, the toaster sparked the Warriors to an incredible run through the end of the regular season and the postseason, culminating last night with their second NBA Finals win in three years.

After the signing, the Warriors promptly rattled of 14 straight, and their only regular season loss came on April 10, in a game against the Jazz that Klay did not play. In all, Golden State was an incredible 31-2 since RDollaz showed up with his toaster. So, naturally, one of the first questions posed to Thompson was: is everyone on the team getting a toaster and, more importantly, is the Toaster Guy getting an invite to the victory parade?

Since Golden State lost Game 5 in Cleveland, ruining their chance at a perfect 16-0 run through the postseason, team-wide toasters are off the table, but RDollaz appears to have gotten a personal invite to the parade from Klay.

Don't minimize the impact of the Lucky Little Toaster, Ronnie, it's not like that team had anything else going for it.