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Impact Climate

Trump Ditched the Paris Accord, but Here's What You Can Do About It

We will not let Donald Trump screw up life on this planet.
Photo via Aaron Barksdale.

Since the inauguration, the world has been holding it's breath for Trump's decision on the Paris climate deal. Well today, he let his intentions be known that the United States isn't interested in science, the future, or avoiding ecological and economic collapse when he announced that the country will indeed be pulling out of the necessary and much applauded Paris agreement on climate. But presidents come and go, and Trump doesn't have to have the last word on this. We as individuals, towns, and cities have a role to play in ensuring a liveble future and planet, and can act now on a local level. Mayors for 100: VICE Impact and the Sierra Club are pushing for US mayors to move their communities to run on 100 percent clean energy. For the time being, we can't wait for the federal government to get it's act together. Renewables work, they provide jobs and maintain a healthy environment. Dozens of cities, regardless of political affiliation are making the commitment and this is an immediate thing you can do right now in your hometown.


Click here to ask your mayor to join the program and lead the way to energy efficiency.