Man, That's a Nice Sheep

Australia's most expensive sheep in over 30 years has "exceptional muscle" and "is very deep right through his carcass."
A photo of a beautiful sheep
A beautiful sheep / Tattykeel / YouTube

Look at this thing.

At first, I thought it was some David Hockney-themed farm series that just so happened to isolate a sheep as its focal point. But this sheep (ram, really) is real – and this sheep is expensive.

On Wednesday, this bad boy (stud) sold for $240,000, and in doing so became the most expensive sheep to sell in Australia since 1989. What an honour.

It gets better, though: we’re not even going to eat it. Instead, it looks like he’ll be tasked with spreading his sheep seed.


"We will utilise it across our four stud groups with the intention of using his exciting young genetics to bolster our studs," Steve Pederick, from the four-group syndicate who bought the sheep, told the ABC.

"He has extremely good growth rates — he has certainly been one of the fastest growing rams as a lamb.”

And then, a final point on which I’m sure we can all agree:

"He has got exceptional muscle, depth, he is very balanced and is very deep right through his carcass."

I am not a sheep connoisseur but I know quality when I see it.